Kindergarten Curriculum


Year at a Glance

Take a moment to view the main sources you will be accessing this year. This is not a complete list of every website that you will visit over the year, but the majority of assignments will come from these online sources. Throughout the year, there will be activities, games, worksheets, videos, songs and stories, etc… from numerous online sources. I have taken the time to sort through hundreds of free sites online and handpicked the very best items. Some of the websites below require you to sign up for a FREE account. Before you begin Day 1 with your kindergartner, sign up for the free accounts and search the sties to get familiar with them.

At the time of posting, all of these links worked. I will do my best to continuously check these links to make sure that they stay up to date. If you find a broken or outdated link please notify me right away.

Sign up for a free account at You will get 8 free printables a month. I carefully searched through all the worksheets and selected 2 for each week. You do not have to pay for a membership to complete this curriculum.

Sign up for a free ABC Teach account as well. Some of your activities and printables will come from the free portion of this website.


Free Online Sources

  1. Public Schools of North Carolina Free Math Resources
  2. MEP Complete Curriculum
  3. Bridges Math Resources
  4. Matific Games
  5. Early Math Through Khan Academy 
  6. Power My Learning (multi-subject)
  7. MobyMax (multi-subject)
  8. Virtual Math Manipulatives

Language Arts

Free Online Sources

  1. ESA Essential Skills Advantage: Sign up for the Free 1 child only program.
  2. Starfall
  3. Rhyme a Week
  4. Kiz Phonics
  5. PBS Kids
  6. Read Write Think
  7. ABCya
  8. Power My Learning (link in Math section)
  9. Moby Max (link in Math section)
  10. McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer
  11. Core Knowledge
  12. Learn to Read Free
  13. Stairway To Reading
  14. The Original 1972 I See Sam Readers
  15. We Give Books

Parent Homework:

There is a lot of controversy over Common Core, and over the switch from play based preschool and kindergarten to highly academic programs. Some homeschool parents want to avoid common core standards and activities like the plague. Others want to implement as much as they can. Lastly, some parents want a balance between offering standards based activities while still maintaining a traditional play based curriculum. My goal in putting this free curriculum together is to help you find that balance. First, I suggest you do some reading on these issues so that you can come to your own conclusion. I have included a few articles for you to read and I highly encourage you to read as much as you can. I have also included ideas in the curriculum itself on how I think you can offer standards based learning while incorporating hands-on play based learning. It is my philosophy that all children should be allowed to learn at his or her own pace. I tried to offer a range of activities for the children who fit perfectly into the standards learning path, for those who are not developmentally ready for the standard or for children who require extra practice, and for those who are easily mastering the standards and need more challenging work. Work as quickly or as slowly through the coursework as you see fit. You do not have to do every activity. Pick and chose what you feel will work best for your child. Only you know best!

I like this quote by Wendy Ellyatt. It pretty much sums up my philosophy.

‘There is nothing wrong with seeking high educational standards and accountability, but there is surely something very wrong indeed if this comes at the cost of natural development.’

  1. Requiring Kindergarten Kids to Read
  2. 6 Reasons to Reject Common Core K-3 Standards
  3. Crisis in Kindergarten
  4. A Homeschool Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten
  5. Much Too Early
  6. A collection of articles on homeschooling the early years
  7. Play Based Kindergarten
  8. Collection of short videos from Kindergarten Matters
  9. The Effectiveness of Play Based Curriculum
  10. Common Core Myths
  11. Wy People On Facebook Are So Mad At Common Core
  12. One Reason You Should Fall In Love With Common Core Math
  13. Building the Machine – A Common Core Documentary
  14. Common Core What It Is and Isn’t

Getting Your Homeschool Ready:

Before you start, or at least during your first few weeks, get organized. Here are a few ideas on creating a homeschool space. I also included a list for basic supplies to stock your homeschool area with as well as required supplies to make ahead of time.

1. Head on over to Pinterest and type Homeschool Room into the search bar. Oh my there are so many ideas. If you don’t have a separate room to dedicate to school don’t worry. There are plenty ideas on organizing a space in your home. Kindergarten can take place in the kitchen, the living room, and outside. All you need are some creative storage ideas and you can homeschool anywhere. Here are a few links to get you started: Rooms and Organization, 6 Tools for Organizing, Dedicated Room, House Into Homeschool Room Part 1 and Part 2, 12 Unconventional Storage Ideas, Homeschool Organization, Homemade Study Center, and Homeschooling in Small Spaces.

2. Basic Supplies for the Kindergarten Homeschool (you don’t have to set up separate learning centers. A simple box with supplies will do)

3. Basic Learning Supplies (These items are required to work through the curriculum. You will use them almost daily. You can either purchase the items or make/print them. You will add to this list monthly.)

  • Number Chart
  • ABC Chart

The Curriculum

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

Theme 6

Theme 7

Theme 8

Theme 9

Theme 10

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